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bioplastics MAGAZINE reported PhaBuilder’s research results
Source:   Date:2022-09-15

Recently, bioplastics MAGAZINE reported PhaBuilder’s research results on the production of biodegradable materials based on the Next Generation Industrial Biotechnology(NGIB) and discusses how PHA can contribute to the solution of the global plastic pollution. 

A recognised authority in the industry, bioplastics MAGAZINE, has been the global number one trade magazine dedicated exclusively to plastics from renewable resources and/or biodegradable plastics since 2006. bioplastics MAGAZINE is read by decision-makers from all parts of this business. It is an independent source of information for material suppliers and compounders, machinery and mould manufacturers, converters, brand owners, the complete distribution chain as well as lobbyists, scientists and politicians. 

bioplastics MAGAZINE pointed that PhaBuilder is the only one in the world to successfully use the NGIB to produce PHA polymers, and also the world's first supplier of multiple PHA products made with this technology. The PHAs produced by PhaBuilder have demonstrated good biodegradability, biocompatibility, are edible for animals and can flexibly adjust the performances according to the application scenarios. In addition, PhaBuilder can also produce P34HB5HV with a high transparency and high elasticity, which is one of the the first in the industry. 

The PHAs are not only very environmentally friendly, but the production process is also very green. Based on the advantages of NGIB, PhaBuilder can make PHAs highly competitive in terms of manufacturing efficiency, reaching comparable levels with petroleum-based materials (plastics). 

Facing the future, PhaBuilder will continue to show its core technology to the global industry and provide a wide range of PHAs and products with excellent performance for the upstream and downstream of the green industry worldwide to help build the green future.

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