The Synthetic Biology Intelligent Development plant
in Beijing China-Germany Industrial Park
A new generation of the green super factory of cell
that fits the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals
It is also a combination of R&D and production for
PhaBuilder’s R&D center in Beijing China-Germany Industrial Park
The 10 kt/annum plant in Yichang,Hubei Province
PhaBuilder and Angel Yeast jointly established "Phangel"
Constructing a 10 kt/annum PHA base in Yichang
To jointly promote the implementation of synthetic biology technology in the industry
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R&D Center
Synthetic biology platform
  • Bacteria R&D
  • Fermentation extraction
  • Application
Bacteria R&D
Based on the principles of synthetic biology, the chassis bacteria are modified and optimized through genetic modification tools for better production and features. PhaBuilder also has complete molecular biology test equipment, which can produce PHA - a biodegradable material, ectoine - a pharmaceutical intermediate, cadaverine - a Nylon-56 precursor, protease and many other products.
Bacteria R&D
Fermentation extraction
Biological fermentation and purification are technical systems that utilize the specific properties and functions of microbes to produce useful substances through modern engineering technology and equipment, or directly use microbes for industrial production to obtain target products.
Fermentation extraction
PHA is a marine biodegradable material with no toxic side effects.
It has high temperature resistance, good water retention performance, good transparency and adjustable dissolution rate. The development direction of PHA is focusing on bio-based fibers, packaging materials, coating materials, medical and aesthetic consumables, stem cell microcarrier culture, tissue engineering scaffolds, drug-loaded microspheres and other fields.
Intelligent Production
Digital Production Platform
PhaBuilder collects and sorts out various equipment signals, electric power, faults, alarms and other information of the R&D platform at actual time to form a Digital-Twins model to guide process optimization, production energy conservation, equipment maintenance, carbon footprint management, etc. It is a highly intelligent and integrated control and analysis system.
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