Medical and Pharmaceutical
Taking advantage of the excellent characteristics of synthetic biology, PhaBuilder innovatively deploys the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Taking PHA as an example, PHA materials can be used in bone tissue engineering, artificial heart valve, vascular tissue engineering, cartilage tissue engineering, nerve conduit tissue engineering, muscle tissue engineering, esophagus tissue engineering, skin tissue engineering and other fields.

In addition, PhaBuilder also relies on synthetic biology and cooperates with partners in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to jointly innovate and promote the application of synthetic biology in this field.
Makeup and Beauty
Since the decomposition products of PHA have no toxic and side effects, the related products can be used in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

On the one hand, for example, in the field of regenerative medicine and aesthetics, fillers (PLLA, etc.) are used to stimulate or induce the body's own tissues to regenerate fibroblasts and collagen after being injected into the subcutaneous tissue to achieve therapeutic effects. With PHA, microsphere products suitable for this field can be produced.

On the other hand, relying on the super factory of cell, we can also produce ectoine products, which are often used for high-end skin care products.
Fiber and Textile
PHA can be blended with PLA, and the stronger tensile flow field of high-speed melt spinning can improve the heat resistance, handfeel, and coloring of PLA and PHA blended fibers. In addition, PLA and PHA blended fibers have natural anti-bacteria, anti-mites and other functional properties.

The well-know textile journal Textile Research Journal has an article on the relevant fiber antibacterial ability to do relevant tests - through the article data we can see that in the comprehensive ranking of antibacterial properties, PHA blended fibers and PHA fibers occupy the top two rankings. The antibacterial index performance has a 2-4 times breakthrough as well.

Currently, PhaBuilder has developped PHA spinning and spinning fabric products.
Degradable Materials
PHA is a bio-based degradable material, which is made of renewable biomass and synthesized by microbes. PHA is a kind of non-toxic and even edible degradable plastic with superior performance in biological non-toxic.

The recycling and treatment of PHA also has unique advantages - the traditional waste plastics are generally disposed by landfill or incineration, resulting in land, air and other pollution problems. However, PHA can be used as feed to generate economic benefits after being processed in a series of treatments, realizing the dual circulation of material and economy.

In addition to green and non-toxic, the raw materials of PHA also have the characteristics of low-carbon and sustainable development. Under the background of China's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, low carbon in the whole process is essential to help achieve the goals.
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