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PhaBuilder with cutting-edge synthetic biotechnology
Committed to bringing people a more eco-friendly life
PhaBuilder was founded in February 2021. It mainly uses the "Next Generation Industrial Biotechnology(NGIB)" to develop and produce a variety of high-value-added products, such as PHA - a biodegradable material, ectoine - a pharmaceutical intermediate, and cadaverine - a Nylon-56 precursor.
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Core Technology
Super factory of cell
  • Technology Platform
    Technology Platform
    PHA is a completely new degradable biomaterial and the only carbon neutral biodegradable material that is completely biosynthesized. After PHA products enter the ocean...
  • Genetic Modification
    Genetic Modification
    In the genetic modification work for several years, the microstructure workshop team innovatively adopted a variety of gene editing methods to make the chassis bacteria more powerful "hard power"...
  • Chassis Bacteria
    Chassis Bacteria
    PhaBuilder isolated a new chassis bacteria from Ayding Lake in Xinjiang. The bacteria do not need sterilization in the industrial fermentation process to solve the problem of high energy consumption in the sterilization process...
  • Chassis Bacteria
    Diverse products
    Using a new metabolic pathway, PhaBuilder can produce a variety of materials such as PHB, P34HB, P34HBHV, PHBHHx, PHB5HV, P3HP3HB, as well as high value-added products such as tetrahydropyrimidine, inositol, and pentamethylenediamine.
Industry Layout
Wide distribution in various fields
Product Matrix
Synthetic Biology Products of PhaBuilder
Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)
It is an intracellular polyester synthesized in many bacteria. It has broad application prospects in biodegradable packaging materials, tissue engineering materials, sustained-release materials, electrical materials and medical materials.
Carotenoids are a general term for a class of important natural pigments, which are commonly found in the yellow, orange-red or red pigments of animals, higher plants, fungi, and algae.
Tetrahydropyrimidine, also known as ectoine, can protect halophilic bacteria from damage under extreme conditions of high saline, high temperature and high ultraviolet radiation. At present, ectoine is used as one of the bioengineering agents in high-grade cosmetics.
3-Hydroxypropionic acid
Through oxidation, dehydration, esterification, etc., 3-hydroxypropionic acid can be synthesized into many important chemicals, such as acrylic acid, malonic acid, and biodegradable plastic poly- 3-hydroxypropionic acid. It can also be used as an additive and preservative for food or feed.
Lysine is an amino acid and an indispensable nutrient that human need. Lysine is also a key substance to help other nutrients be fully absorbed and utilized by the body, helping to improve the absorption and utilization of food protein.
L-Threonine is mainly used as a nutritional supplement. When heated with glucose, it is easy to produce burnt fragrance and chocolate fragrance, which has a fragrance enhancing effect.
It is mainly used to produce polyamide, such as nylon 56, nylon 510, etc; It is also used in the synthesis of diisocyanates and as curing agents and organic crosslinking agents for urea formaldehyde resins and epoxy resins.
Also known as cyclohexanol, it is widely distributed in animals and plants and is a growth factor for animals and microorganisms. It was first isolated from myocardium and liver.
Press release
Phabuilder Set to Launch Marine-Degradable Straws and Cutlery
Phabuilder Set to Launch Marine-Degradable Straws and Cutlery
Phabuilder joins forces with Hengxin Life to introduce three remarkable PHA-based product categories: straws, coatings, and injection-molded items into the consumer market, with a commitment to sustainability and ocean protection.
Biocompatible Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA): wide applications in medicine and pharmaceutics
Biocompatible Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA): wide applications in medicine and pharmaceutics
PHA can be developed for medical microspheres, medical slow-release carriers, human implantation materials, antibacterial fibers and feeds
Phabuilder Begins Construction of New 30kt/a PHA Production Site
Phabuilder Begins Construction of New 30kt/a PHA Production Site
The establishment of the new factory is another milestone of Phabuilder’s development in industrialization.
PhaBuilder was awarded as a 2022 APAC 25 Company by Cleantech Group
PhaBuilder was awarded as a 2022 APAC 25 Company by Cleantech Group
San Francisco, CA – 31 August 2022 – PhaBuilder, a synthetic biology company on a mission to use microbes to produce biodegradable materials to change the world and build a green future, announced that it has been named on Cleantech Group’s 2022 APAC Cleantech 25.
bioplastics MAGAZINE reported PhaBuilder’s research results
bioplastics MAGAZINE reported PhaBuilder’s research results
PhaBuilder is now using NGIB to produce various PHA polymers for global customers.
Collaboration within the industry to create a better green future
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